How Real Estate Relates to Writing and Publishing

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Most writers start off as part-time writers. Rarely does your first work get instantly propelled into a full-time income that allows you to quit your job and focus solely on writing and publishing.

What that means for the average writer is that he or she needs to balance a workload of writing and a workload of their 9 to 5 job every day.

As many writers know, writing is labor of love for most authors, but love doesn’t always pay the bills, so people need to make ends meet in the mean time.

What to Do When Your Business is Real Estate

I’m not sure if this is typical, but a lot of real estate agents write in to ask us questions, so I thought I would make a post specifically for them.

Real estate is a business like no other that requires interpersonal skills and a high degree of flexibility. Whether you are selling luxury home on Spring Lake or residential houses throughout the Midwest, you need to form a personal connection with your client because real estate is all about individual relationships.

This isn’t much different from writing a novel when you think about it.

When you write a book for general consumption, you develop your characters in such a way that they themselves form personal bonds with the readers of the book. Maybe this is why realtors so often find themselves in the writing business because they know how these relationships are formed from their years of on the job trainings.

These skills naturally fall into the world of writing, which gives them a leg up on most other people.

Getting Your Name Out There as an Author

Another built in benefit that realtors have that many other workers do not is their unique access to new and exciting people with which to talk about their daily lives and hobbies.

Many people who work in an office setting or a factory do not get the luxury of meeting new people each and every day. They go to the same office, with the same boss, the same coworkers, and they don’t see many new people on a day-to-day basis. Realtors, on the other hand, are meeting new people every day.

This is a huge benefit because as you develop your relationships with new clients, you can mention your hobby as an author—perhaps even give them a copy of your book. And people are much more likely to read your book if they have a relationship with you, so you aren’t just “giving away books.”

So, the next time you are staging an open house, be sure to have a few copies of your books lying out. Of, if you just made a sale on a Muskegon waterfront home, be sure to leave a copy of your book with the new homeowners.

It can be their housewarming present, and it will not only further your real estate business, but it will also get the word out there for you as an author.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

If you are part-time time realtor or a full-time realtor professional like Harpe Realty Lake Shore, you can make something happen in the publishing business.

Every real estate agent I know is a hard-working go getter, and this parlays perfectly into the world of self-publishing.

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